Sprayed Foundation Basement Waterproofing

Application of Liquid MembraneNew Construction and Existing Homes

  • Before any excavation takes place all under ground services will be located.
  • In some cases plywood is laid around the perimeter of the excavation to protect the lawn or for landscaped surface to be placed.

  • Excavate to expose the footing and foundation.
  • Pressure wash all loose dirt and material off wall.
  • Chip out and hydraulic cement all cracks and parge wall if required.
  • Apply waterproofing; a high pressure spray, hot applied, waterproofing to a thickness of 40mils cured. Membrane is a polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane. A seamless spray that spans cracks and remains flexible to stop any penetration of moisture through basement walls.
  • In some cases a “WARM N DRI” insulation and drainage board is installed. This helps reduce condensation on the inside and provides vertical drainage to weeping tile.
  • New weeping tile is installed and connected into the existing tile or point of discharge.
  • 3/4″ clear stone is place over weeping tile 18-24 inches in depth and covered in filter cloth.
  • Backfill with existing material, compacting to reduce or eliminate any settlement.

  • All debris and excess material is removed off site.